Genomic Sequencing

Using Graph Traversal (C)

The project “Genomic Sequencing Using Graph Traversal” focuses on the construction of a De Bruijn graph to accurately determine the correct order of a genome. Genomic sequencing plays a crucial role in various scientific fields, such as molecular biology, genetics, and bioinformatics. By leveraging graph traversal algorithms, this project aims to tackle the challenge of reconstructing a genome from fragmented DNA sequences.


Ophthalmic Software

Using Cloud Based MongoDB (Python)

The Cloud-Based Ophthalmic Software project aims to provide a comprehensive solution for ophthalmologists to manage patient data, write glasses prescriptions, and generate medicine prescriptions for both in-patient (IPD) and out-patient (OPD) settings. This software allows ophthalmologists to record and store patient information securely in the cloud. It offers a user-friendly interface to input and manage patient data, including medical history, previous prescriptions, and examination results. With this information readily available, ophthalmologists can efficiently generate accurate glasses prescriptions tailored to each patient’s needs.

Mazer Tank

Using Unity Game Engine (C#)

It is a small game about a tank which goes through a maze which has obstacles such spike traps, fire-traps, wall traps and an arena battle with enemy tank. The player also has to collect gold in order to win.